Project Description

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Xiamen 8500 PCTC (labour-consumption >700 h)

  • GA drawings,
  • Conceptual work,
  • CFD (dealing with subcontractor form Technical University of Gdansk),
  • strength analysis (lifting device, davit),
  • procedures (assembly, maintenance – swing out the fan, lifting up the unit on board).

Optimization of MPV1250A1E and MPV1250A1K for noise reduction and efficiency maximization.

Guide Vanes and hemispheres were designed for Multi-Wing impellers and assigned to air flow and pressure. Result: noise below 85 dB(A) (with GRP housing) and efficiency ~ 80%.


Design of davit for 8500 PCTC was one of the most advanced in NMDO history. The davit is used to move out fans from ventilation unit. Specified rules: maximum mass of device, load, demanded dimension meant that classic solution is physically impossible. Designer create davit assembled in two parts (each part less than 50kg just for single-person handling). Main project problems were static calculation, stability and small space to use. NMDO begins to fluently use of simulation component of Solid Edge. Although conditions are exacting, davit has been successfully tested in real.

Lifting Device

One of most critical points in 8500 PCTC project was the transport. The Ventilation Unit produced together with Lubmor is 2,6 ton. Lifting the assembly on board is very responsible operation. Calculation of the Lifting Device were concerned on steel frame, stability and component selection. In special transport instruction NMDO defined all safety requirements and lifting procedures. Produced device has been successfully tested in Trzcianka.

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