Design Office

„Nyborg Mawent Design Office” Ltd was established in the beginning of 2010. The Design Office is a member of the „Nyborg” capital group, owned by the Norwegian „Nyborg” A/S and „Nyborg – Mawent” S.A. fan factory.

The company was established by the staff employed at the Malbork fan factory, and the designers of the ventilation systems, who originated from the shipyard industry.

At present, the NM Design Office is situated in Gdynia. We seek to be close to the shipyard industry located in the twin cities of Gdynia – Gdansk, as well as to and air conditioning “hub” located in the Pomeranian province. This location gives us easy access to potential customers.

Equipment design

qour-comapny„NM Design Office” offers comprehensive designing services of ventilation and related branches.

We focus on two aspects of design: ventilation devices, and complete ventilation installations. While drafting documentation, we specialize in the following issues:

  • industrial fans – axial and centrifugal,
  • heat- and chemo- resistant fans,
  • ex-proof fans for hazardous areas,
  • OEM fans (components of other units – e.g. as air handling units),
  • fans for marine industry,
  • ventilation accessories (cut-off dampers, flow-adjusting dampers, silencers, louvers, droplet separators, ventilation cowls, etc.),
  • research and development.

Systems design

home-section1_21As mentioned, apart from documentation, we also design complete installations and provide consultancy.

Our main focus is on ventilation and air-conditioning systems. These installations are mostly used in the shipyard industry and land construction. Particularly, we specialize in:

  • ventilation installations,
  • air-conditioning installations (complete thermal and moisture air treatment),
  • systems for air drying and humidifying,
  • measuring resource consumption in remaining branches (demands for heat, “cold”, steam, heating water, electric power, etc.),
  • designs for the marine and land development industry, including modeling of various naval installations (mechanical, ER, HVAC) – considering particular rules, standards and requirements set by classification bodies,
  • investment/project supervision,
  • Technical advisory and consultancy (hygro-thermal and moisture calculations, energy and economic analysis, strength calculations).

We are a group of engineers and experts with wide experience, accumulated over many years of professional practice. Our skills were gained during employment in the largest Polish and foreign design offices, shipyards and international manufacturers of ventilation equipment.